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Han River date 
10:44 PM - 14 Apr 2014 · Details

Iguazu Falls so nice!!



Jinwoon will be staying in Brazil for 2 weeks to record a new SBS travel variety program called “SNS One Float Expedition”, where they interact with fans & explore Brazil through the use of SNS. The show is scheduled to air around April or May. Credit: 2oneday.com

2AM for Billboard Korea Kpop Magazine


I wrote like this because I felt that many fans are concerned about it ^^ Erm. First of all, I’m very sorry that I have caused such a worry. The accident was more severe than I thought and hence though I was shocked but fortunately for the situation now, all the staffs and I who were inside the…


Vostro 2013 Fall&Winter Collection


Vostro 2013 Fall&Winter Collection

2AM Jinwoon got into an accident


Big Hit Entertainment revealed, “The car Jinwoon was riding in crashed with a 25-ton truck at 11:30 PM on the 6th. He fractured his right ankle and has a laceration that is about 10cm (4 inches) long. He will be going into emergency surgery today." -allkpop.com

I dont stan 2AM but I watched him on WGM and he was so sweet omg I hope he’s okay


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